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Acme Chair Series

Acme 1
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Product Story

Acme is a bold and schematic design of a multi-purpose shell chair. Composed of a perfect square and circle, Acme offers a cleancut expression fused with careful detailing, offering a comfortable sitting experience. Unique leg designs harmonizing with the shells make each model an original. The consequent design gives a vibrant nudge to any interior.

Widths vary from 505mm-540mm

Available in four model types with or without upholstery:

Acme Slege 3600 Polypropylene Seat + 3601 Upholstered Seat (seen in electric blue)
Acme Sledge Armchair 3610 Polypropylene Seat + 3611 Upholstered Seat (seen in black)
Acme A Base 3620 Polypropylene Seat + 3621 Upholstered Seat (seen in nude)
Acme A Base Armchair 3630 Polypropylene Seat + 3631 Upholstered Seat (seen in grey and white)

Product Specs

  • Height
  • Depth
  • Width
  • Designer
    Geckeler Michels

Brand Info

The co-operation between the designers and Fredericia Furniture is based on a common passion for furniture design and respect for quality. These are values that we also share with the people who surround themselves with our furniture. Our ambition is to create furniture that combines the functional with the aesthetic. Furniture that is needed and made to be used. Furniture that is a delight to the eye every day – also when taken over by the next generation.


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