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Mesa Table

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Product Story

Mesa is a table stripped of decoration and superfluous detail. With its slim 28 mm tabletop, Mesa is an understated pencil line drawn through the room. The linoleum or laminate tabletop stands in sharp contrast to the soft curves of the aluminium frame and V-shaped legs. Designers Welling and Ludvik's choice of sturdy materials makes Mesa an extremely durable choice.

The table top is available in linoleum or laminate and is lacquered with a matte gloss 30 lacquer, strengthening the relaxed feel and giving a pleasant contact surface that is less vulnerable to scratches.

The table has been constructed using eco-friendly, environmentally recyclable safe materials and is easy to disassemble.

Dimensions available: 

L: 1200mm  W: 1200mm  H: 730mm
L: 1800mm  W: 900mm  H: 730mm
L: 2000mm  W: 1000mm  H: 730mm
L: 2000mm  W: 1200mm  H: 730mm
L: 2200mm  W: 1200mm  H: 730mm
L: 2600mm  W: 1200mm  H: 730mm
L: 3000mm  W: 1200mm  H: 730mm

Product Specs

  • Height
  • Depth
  • Width
  • Designer

Brand Info

The co-operation between the designers and Fredericia Furniture is based on a common passion for furniture design and respect for quality. These are values that we also share with the people who surround themselves with our furniture. Our ambition is to create furniture that combines the functional with the aesthetic. Furniture that is needed and made to be used. Furniture that is a delight to the eye every day – also when taken over by the next generation.


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