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Sol Ceiling Light

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Product Story

As the name implies (Sol means Sun in Swedish), the light is at the centre of this modern ceiling fixture. Sol can either act unobtrusively and blend into the background or elevate the room with its self-evident character. It all depends on how the thin signature ring is accentuated and individualised through the choice of colour. Inwardly or outwardly positioned, in vacuum-formed opaque plastic and suitable for built in LEDs.

Ceiling mounting diameter 220mm or 400mm.

Recessed mounting diameter 270mm or 460mm.

Product Specs

  • Height
  • Depth
  • Width
  • Designer
    Fredrik Mattson

Brand Info

Zero's history contributes to it's identity: how, in 1978, our founders long experience of glass yielded to an entire decade devoted almost entirely to perforated sheet metal fittings. Because the designer Börge Lindau was clearly decided that this very sheet metal should contribute to Zero’s being both noticed and recognised as a modern, innovative and forward-looking company. And how right he was. Expansion occurred, and from its original garage, the company moved to an industrial zone in central Nybro  and successful collaboration ensued with the designer Per Sundstedt, who preferred to design glass fittings. The years passed, and in 2005, a whole new period began in Zero’s life. We started collaborating with the most recognised­ Swedish designers of the day, such as Mattias Ståhlbom, ­Thomas Bernstrand, Fredrik Mattson and Front. Now we were also ready to appear in an international setting, at the Milan Salone del Mobile. We have carried on doing that, and our successes have led to almost half of our fittings being designed from 2005 onwards. Today, Zero is an internationally well-established company with designers from near and far. We have mastered several different materials, which we don’t mind matching with the latest technologies. And we produce it all where we started, with the ambition of creating that little bit more. The surprisingly ­unexpected. The unique."


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