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December 2011 Contract Newsletter

It has been pure joy sharing with you the extension of our contract collection this year and as we enter the last month of 2011, there are still new additions to the Great Dane Contract suite! I am thrilled to welcome Chris Burke from design collective to the team, who will be looking after the Perth A&D community as our design agent.  We also have recently welcomed de vorm to our list of manufacturers and look forward to you utilising their fresh product range in your projects next year.  As this year winds down, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and look forward to connecting again in the New Year.   Cheers!

Latest & Greatest

Great Dane Contract is excited to announce that we now have representation for our west coast clients and enthusiasts in Perth, Western Australia. Chris Burke has joined our team as an authorized agent for Great Dane Contract. Chris operates and runs design collective, a design agency representing a collective service focusing on the supply of contract furniture for the architectural and interior design markets in Perth, WA. 

Chris has always appreciated and had a very keen interest in all facets of design since early childhood, particularly architecture & interior design. He has worked in the contract furniture industry for a number of years following many years in the clothing industry through running his own fashion agency.

Chris thoroughly enjoys representing the diverse & unique Great Dane Contract ranges through his new company design collective and looks forward to supplying the beautiful pieces to upcoming Perth based projects.

Featured Brand

De Vorm creates and produces design furniture - eco-friendly, durable and surprising. The collection adds a certain special something to any interior due to its unique character and high quality. No material is wasted during the production processes, De Vorm produces mainly in the Netherlands and its creative minds are always looking for new materials made of recycled goods. On top of that, De Vorm owns its own forest, which compensates the CO2-emissions.

Additionally, De Vorm is determined to give young designers a chance to convert their fresh, dynamic ideas into a permanent collection. De Vorm wants to sustain its key values but also enable diversity and contemporariness. There are many young design talents on board, who are all extremely successful and keep winning awards; among others Benjamin Hubert, Jorre van Ast and Sebastian Herkner.

Product Discovery

Keeping the philosophy of De Vorm in mind, the Clip chair has been designed environmentally friendly without wasting any material during the production process. The result is a classic, detail-oriented and solid chair made of selected, high-quality ash. In addition to different colours, the Cip chair is also available in a cushioned version.

The Clip chair is a refined design with a distinctive feature. The idea behind the ‘Clip’ is the colouring of the attachment between the back and the legs of the chair, whereas the colour stands in direct contrast to the wooden elements. The charm and the beauty of the Clip lies hidden in its functional simplicity.

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