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October 2012 Contract Newsletter

Thank you for all those that came to see us at Saturday In Design in Fitzroy this year ‐ it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and meet so many new ones too! Launching the Muuto range at the event has been very exciting for us and your feedback has been fantastic. Make sure you check out more of what they are doing in the Latest & Greatest section.

We have featured String’s stellar storage system in this issue as well, as it corresponds with the release of their new online configurator – don’t you love when a simple product makes life even simpler with technology!

And lastly, De Vorm have embraced a different type of modular sofa and loveseat – this one goes vertical! As always, if you see something in this issue or on our website, please get in touch with me and I will be happy to assist you with material samples, prices, lead times etc. Happy specifying!

Latest & Greatest

Muuto for Great Dane Contract's A&D community: With a shared love of everything New Nordic, Great Dane has now taken on the ENTIRE Muuto range for the Contract market.

Muuto provides fresh, innovative and unique collation of products for the modern space. For the past ten years, Great Dane Furniture has continuously brought the best of Scandinavian design to Australia and with the wide range of New Nordic interiors by Muuto, Great Dane is proud and absolutely thrilled to bring Muuto and the company’s ‘new perspectives’ to the A&D market.

Among other brand new designs just being released, you can find the Visu chairs by Mika Tolvanen. It is a dining chair with two different bases, but the Visu family is growing and many new versions are soon available for your upcoming projects. Also, the Nerd chair is a unique take on an all-­‐wood chair with some very iconic detailing and is now ready for your projects.

Featured Brand

String Furniture: Certain things become so strongly associated with an era that they become timeless -­‐ this is certainly true of Nisse Strinning’s String shelf, which was designed in 1949.

It may seem strange that something as simple and humble as this little dainty light shelf with its thin side panels has become one of the twentieth century's foremost icons of design.

The reasons are several; the thin packaging is simple and cheap to transport, the shelf is easy to assemble, the plain of the shelf can be quickly moved, shelves of various depths can be combined and books held in place by the side panels, it is stable and can be built out in all directions.

Whether the wall surface is large or small String is functional. It’s the side panel which gives String its character. Elegant and lean-­‐limbed are the coloured threads a slender "ladder" which ascending the ingenious walls, variable, flexible.

Product Discovery

Arnhem Sofa & Single from De Vorm: The Arnhem sofa and single is multifunctional and multidisciplinary. The modular thought behind the design enables a broad range of applications. Cosy and snugly for the whole family, ideal to lie down and relax for a bit and very suitable as a multifunctional workspace, in which one can concentrate and enjoy some privacy.

The Arnhem single and sofa is convertible to the desired look in an instant because the cushions offer light and dark shades in a complementarily colouring and can be arranged to give each usage mode its own identity.

The provided side and backrests can be attached in three different heights and therefore enable the application as an open community seat as well as an enclosed room‐in-room space.

The simple, versatile and gorgeous String shelving solution has made life even simpler by creating an online configurator – click here to check it and start designing!


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