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Benjamin Hubert for De La Espada

The collaboration between Benjamin Hubert and De La Espada presented the opportunity to develop a range of interior products utilising the skills and knowledge of artisan craftsmen, affording fewer compromises than more industrialised projects. This allowed for greater exploration in the handmade and manipulation of natural materials with greater emphasis on quality.

The result is a range of crafted products with an industrial aesthetic, made utlising tactile materials where the hand of the maker can still be seen and valued. This is  embodied in hand-turned marble with the organic marks of the cutting tool clearly visible, woven automotive leather with hand-stitching and overt timber joinery detailing. The range has an industrial, minimal language with a playful look at functionality, honest construction and engaging materiality.

View the products in the De La Espada series here

Cargo chair

Perforated automotive leather, ash, steel fixings. A leather paneled dining/occasional chair. Hand-crafted self-supporting leather panels attach to a light Ash timber frame with mechanical fixings.

Cargo is inspired by the automotive industry’s use of leather, specifically in convertible soft tops with pronounced fixing details and tailored panels.

Quarry pendants

Marble, acrylic, LED

Hand-turned, thin-walled marble pendant lights with roughly finished interior, to add texture and describe the story of stone production.

Quarry utilises the marble’s translucent properties to diffuse the light and reveal its veining. The traditional material is offset by the use of an LED, which allows the large hand-turned internal cavity to remain open and uncluttered. The interior surface is reminiscent of the first cut by renaissance sculptors to rough out a form.
AKFD manage the factories the lamps are produced in, ensuring fair working terms, and actively pushes for safer working conditions.

Coracle lounge chair

Perforated automotive leather, steel

A hand-woven leather lounge chair with stitched automotive leather and a leather-wrapped steel frame

This large lounge chair is inspired by the small ‘coracle’ boats traditionally used in Wales since the Bronze Age, with its woven construction used to support the user. The crafted ‘tri weave’ is complemented by a leather wrapped steel frame with industrial reference points found in bike handles, creating a tactile touch point for the chair.

Gabion Dining Table

Ash, powder-coated steel, granite

A pedestal dining table with a metal cage base containing the ballast that creates the structures stability.

Subverting the idea of traditionally hiding ballast in pedestal tables, most commonly sandbags, the dining table utilises an overt granite ballast as its focal point within a steel frame with ash surface.

Silo side table

Granite, Ash

Turned Portuguese granite storage/ side table for magazines, soft goods etc finished with an ash surface.

Inspired by grain storage devices with its crafted stone aesthetic, the Silo tables utilise the space normally reserved for a solid base or table legs, as storage. The tables’ focal point is created by a graphic interpretation of a traditional grip feature cut into the timber surface.


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