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Pato Range

The Volkswagen Beetle in the form of a chair. This is a good way to describe the Pato; hardwearing, can be used anywhere, and is made for everyone. In addition to giving the chair its distinctive appearance, the slight bending along Pato’s edge ensures that the shell of the chair bends exactly where the body makes contact with the flanges, making it easy to sit on for long periods of time.

Pato is perfectly suitable for both private and public environments. The simple feel of the chair shows it’s personality when put together in series, creating a calm and uniform image. The chairs are easy to connect and disconnect and are stackable after use.

The slightly pliable back and silky surface is soft in texture, makes it scratch resistant as well as comfortable. The shell is made of polypropylene, which is the most environmentally friendly type of plastic available, as well as virtually indestructible.

Tested at the Danish Technological Institute, where it received top marks (level 3). The Pato chair is made in a high quality finish, with it’s shell manufactured in Denmark and all other assembly in Denmark as well. Every chair is fully quality controlled during all stages of the manufacturing process, resulting in a finish and durability far superior to other plastic chairs. At the same time, Pato’s production has a distinct focus on functionality.

The shell is available in grey, yellow, blue, black and white. They can be fitted with armrests and/or fully upholstered with fabric or leather. The frame is available in the same colours as above as well as chrome or matte chrome in sledge frame, four legs swivel base or barstool.

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