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Trinidad Chair

Trinidad was designed in 1993 by Nanna Ditzel.The chair’s distinctive fan-shaped design made it instantly successful for both home and contract, a status it still enjoys today. The Trinidad is available with or without upholstered seats, and with or without arms, as well as a bar stool version.

All over the Caribbean there are traces from the colonial rule. One example is the Victorian architecture’s elaborate fretsaw wood carvings that break up building facades into light and shadow - called the Gingerbread technique. This was the source of Nanna Ditzel’s inspiration for Trinidad.

Like a Gingerbread facade, the chair plays gently with the sunlight, casting dancing shadows on the floor and walls. As the sun crosses the sky, Trinidad changes both its own and the room’s appearance in a shadow play that, at one and the same time, makes the chair both transparent and striking.The lightweight design that gently embraces the body ensures that the chair suits not only the setting, but also the person that sits on it. The screen-shaped shells and slashes ensure sound seating comfort, besides the welcoming impression.

FREDERICIA gave Ditzel a free creative rein to work on Trinidad.  The chair was an immediate success for both public venues and private homes, and soon it achieved status as a modern classic.Trinidad is available with or without armrests and in a number of exquisite woods and striking colours. The version without armrests is stackable. The chair and barstool is available with an upholstered seat in fabric or leather.


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