Old English Vase Insitu 2 1200
    Old English Vase Insitu 3 1200 Old English Vase 1200

    Old English Vase


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    H: 600mm
    MATERIALS: Glass
    Claus Dalby

    The Holmegaard Old English floor was designed in collaboration with flower artist Claus Dalby. Inspired by the English Sea tradition's sumptuous flower beds, the Old English series is designed to give the flowers free expression and optimize them. The pocket's narrow neck and spacious comb make it suitable for both tightly bound bouquets and loose flowers. The floor washer is made of transparent glass with a height of 60 cm. Use it as a welcome in the hallway, in the living room and as a sumptuous eye-catcher on the dining table. An ultimate gift idea for a very special occasion.

    Old English Vase Insitu 3 1200
    Old English Vase 1200
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